Eldritch!Cecil looses control of his human form. Carlos thinks that’s pretty neat.

Inspired by the fact that this fandom has like the cutest eldritch horror fics ever <3.

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1. What’s your name?

Kassandra, but I go by Kas and Debts

2. When is your birthday?

April 28th

3. Where are you from?

Somewhere in Florida, I want to say Cape Coral but

4. Have , a crush?

Y e a h but shh

5. What’s your favorite color?

Purple and blue

6. Write something in caps?


7. Got a favorite band/artist?

I’m gonna call it quits and just put Steam Powered Giraffe, but really I don’t have a favorite.

8. Favorite number?


9. Favorite drink?

uh, dr. pepper is pretty cool

10. Tag Ten People: llllllllliterally everyone 

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where are all these nerds comin from, huh?

Hiya! I’m Debts and I run this blog and I got a thing or two to say (maybe even three, I dunno).

1) Hello and thank you to all my seemingly-really-cool new followers— It’s nice to know that even when I basically up and left again people liked Cec enough to follow.

2) School is still a legal requirement so that’s where I usually am most weekdays.

3) I would really still love to plot and all, but as per the fact I want my attention on RP to be 100% focused on the topic, I usually wait until weekends for now„ I’m not the most organized I guess.

4) Tomorrow (while it IS Friday), I’ll be seeing Guardians of the Galaxy with some friends and as such won’t be on until later. If I’m not tired. uvu Gotta rest because sleep is the best.

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it’s a proven fact at this point, folks.


it’s a proven fact at this point, folks.

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Important mun update (?)



Hey guys! So, I really hate to put a stop to the great amount of fun I’ve had this past two months, but school is coming around for me in less than a week (starting up again this Monday, 8/18) and so you can imagine that I really do have to switch my inside switch off from “enjoying life” to “wishing i would just drop out already”.

There IS still one week-ish left to this, however I’m busy finishing up assignments I’ve slacked on and also doing back-to-school-esque things. Like finding out my schedule and a back to school hair cut or whatever. Fun things like that. 

Now, last year as a freshman I really did just about abandon most of my few accounts and focused with all my might on doing good in school, but there’s no way in Hell I’d ever want to do that again, as it was personally stress inducing and miserable, to put it simply. I’d like everyone of you to know that I will be a bit hazy on responses and jumping on accounts, but I will still do my best.

As a sophomore I never really saw myself taking on courses that involved the letters “AP” and college designated ones along the bunch BUT— That’s the price of trying to look good for your mother.

So uh, yeah— Just know I love you all, I’ll at least try and check in every now and then, and I’m basically free to chat ever okay?

Sorry you may see this long post more than once; I’ve got a lot of accounts to talk about this sorry stuff on.

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Making his own decisions is what landed him in this situation in the first place—He wasn’t very good at making good choices or doing things on his own.

He was far too used to being told what to do.

And Cecil wasn’t going to tell Kevin what to do at all.

Kevin had to move forward on his own.
He couldn’t always rely on other people to make his choices for him.

And there was a choice to be made here—he couldn’t remain neutral. 

It was one or the other.


"You..you made me a thousand times happier than any pill…

P-Please don’t leave me..”

          “Okay, now see, that is just what I’m talking about. It’s really hard to be definitive in one decision when you constantly have someone pulling things like that on you—” And granted it hurt to hear it over and over again. It almost left the idea that he would be guilty of anything negative that happened to Kevin in the future, which was something he didn’t like.

          “Don’t lean on me as a crutch! I will be here once you have fixed and proven yourself to not only me, but my boyfriend too. And he’s a scientist, he can totally tell when people are lying.”

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"I’m not playing anything..

I-I know I’m not completely blameless—
I’m..I’m mostly to blame.. 

But I’ve tried to better myself.
H-Honest I have..

You just keep bringing up my past and putting me through the same argument.. I just— I..I don’t know what I’m supposed to do to fix it!

You aren’t doing anything to help me at all, Cecil! 

Telling me I’m bad and not giving me anything to work with isn’t going to make me better. 

Just…just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!”


          “When will you stop relying on everyone to find solutions for your personal problems! And then blaming them when I point out that you do that?

          Kevin, I refuse to waste my time on a man who will complain and cry and yet refuses to fix whatever he deems wrong. I don’t care what you do at this point, I am dedicating myself to my work, my town, and my boyfriend, and you can either be a part of that or do your own Strex-filled thing.”

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mmkay, goodbye

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—He grit his teeth at the first words out of Cecil’s mouth— Augh. 

His anger was growing as he listened, fists clenching and he was about ready to just scream at the top of his lungs.

How could Cecil be this impossible!?

"Don’t act like you’re so innocent! I’ve had to watch you turn your back on me, too. Don’t you even remember that?

You’ve told me before that what we had was over, and that we couldn’t see each other. But then a few days later you pulled me into bed and held me and told me that Carlos didn’t need to know about it!

And then you told me that I was the bad one!” God— This was all so confusing. He had his palms pressed against his temples as he tried to process all of this. Everything that Cecil did was so… It just didn’t make any sense!

"I knew I was bad, okay?! I knew I had to change, so I left Strex because it was the right thing to do!

I-I did it for you..

I just wanted to be good.. But it wasn’t enough.
Nothing is ever enough with you!

Well I had enough of always coming up short!

Nnh.. You’re not a good person to be around any more..!

S-..So just… just go away..

I can’t keep letting you mess with my feelings like this. Telling me that Carlos doesn’t need to know, and then telling me that he comes first..

I don’t get it.

I don’t want to be around you any more.
You’re just confusing and contradicting.”


"I’m not ever going to understand you..”


          “You can keep playing some sappy victim in this, okay? Go ahead and blame me for all the shit you put yourself through with leaving StrexCorp, like you’re some sort of hero for doing so— But you refuse to understand me. I have just told you three times now, I was being forced to pick either Carlos or you.

          And you were the bad one! What you did to my town gave you that reputation, whether I see the waterworks or not! And do you know how difficult it is to keep going on with life with my boyfriend who I chose over you for so many reasons when I hear things like 'I can't live without you, Cecil!', or, 'There's no point!’?

          What else am I supposed to do? If I ignored you I was wrong, but when I tried to fix things it was still wrong, and I had to go back between losing my boyfriend or losing you. So sorry I picked him.

          Maybe instead of being such a damn baby you could take a moment to try and look at things from my point of view instead of pointing fingers and playing the helpless soul.”

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